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Why You Shouldn't Skip Normal Dental Visits
Posted on 03/07/2016

Why You Shouldn't Skip Normal Dental Visits

Our Kahala, HI dentist, Dr. Hirai, routinely talks to parents about how important it is for their children to maintain good dental health. Our practice is just as committed to making sure your children have healthy teeth & gums as you are! We are confident that this commitment shows by how we provide caring, patient-focused dental services to kids of all ages in our fun and comfortable environment.

We recommend scheduling dental checkups for your children every six months. During each of these important office visits, your child will receive a thorough dental exam and professional cleaning to help him or her avoid some common dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Here are a few good reasons why your child should not skip seeing the dentist for regular checkups.

Can Prevent The Onset of Serious Dental Problems – Visiting the dentist regularly will help prevent dental problems from developing to keep your child's smile healthy.

Helps Reduce/Eliminate the Need for Uncomfortable Treatment – By seeing the dentist regularly, the likelihood of your child needing uncomfortable treatment like fillings or root canals can be significantly reduced and even eliminated.

There May Be Problems Present That You Don't See – Even if you check your child's teeth for signs of common dental problems, there may be some problems hidden away that only a dentist can see.

Teaches The Importance of a Healthy Mouth – Children who visit their Kahala, HI dentist regularly learn the importance of good oral health. When you consistently take your child to the dentist for checkups, these routine visits will be seen as something that simply must be done in order to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

Your Child Will See the Dentist as a Friend – A child who regularly has dental checkups often considers their dentist a friend who is helping them maintain a healthy and attractive smile. Your child will also receive some reinforcement by going to the dentist regularly which could include anything from being praised for great brushing & flossing to receiving some helpful & fun oral hygiene tips.

These are some of the main reasons your children should not skip normal dental visits. If you have any questions about your child's dental health or any of the services we provide, please contact us as we're always here to help!