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Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist
Posted on 08/16/2016

Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

Pediatric Dentistry Kahala is a Honolulu, HI children’s dentistry practice that offers comprehensive dental care in a friendly and comfortable environment. We understand that some children are anxious and even fearful about visiting a dentist, as a dental office is full of unfamiliar people, sights and sounds. If your child is dreading their upcoming appointment, here are a few tips which can help ease their fear.

Use Simple & Positive Language

When talking about the dentist, maintain an upbeat and positive attitude, while using simple language. Don’t use words that can scare your child like “shot”, “drill” or “pain”. Also, tell your family members and close friends to avoid discussing negative experiences in front of your child, to reduce potential anxiety or fear.

Read Books and Role Play

A good way to help your child understand what to expect before visiting the dentist is to read children’s books together that are about going to the dentist. You can also role play, acting as a dentist who is examining your child’s teeth. Feel free to get creative by taking x-rays, counting your child’s teeth and pretending to polish their teeth.

Avoid Bribing Your Child

Don’t tell your child that you will buy them something special if they behave while at the dentist, as it can result in an undesirable pattern. Once your child has been to the dentist, it’s fine to praise your child, or even take them to their favorite park afterwards.

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We want every patient we serve to have a positive experience while receiving the dental care they need. If you have any questions or need more tips on helping your child overcome his/her anxiety and fear of visiting our office, please contact us at our office. One of our dedicated staff members would be happy to assist you. We hope to see you and your little one in our office soon!